The Collective


Biso Collective is a holding company acquiring multiple B2B, mission-critical, SaaS businesses utilizing a buy-and-hold strategy.

As we grow the business, we will have opportunities across a wide-range of roles both at the holding company and portfolio company level.

We’ll be looking for software engineers, services team members, sales leaders, product managers, people operations specialists (aka HR), financial analysts, M&A experts and even CEOs.

Instead of waiting until we need them, we’d like to start building relationships with great people now!

Even if you’re not looking to change roles today, join The Collective, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress, you’ll be the first to hear about specific career opportunities, and you’ll even be invited to our HQ once construction is complete.

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We believe in…

  • Confident humility

  • Team over solo-superstars

  • Customer obsession

  • Doing what's right

  • The entrepreneurial spirit