SaaS products are never “done.” They are always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

In fact, that’s one of the key value propositions of SaaS…your customers pay a subscription fee and not only get the product as it is today but also reap the benefits of ongoing enhancements and innovation.

Simply stated, what was good enough yesterday won’t be tomorrow, so your product must change to meet the future requirements of your customers.

This is equally true on two other fronts: our companies and each of us as individuals. [READ MORE]

Focus is tough. 

It’s not natural. 

It’s hard to ignore all the ideas bouncing around in our heads. 

It’s scary to bet on one thing. 

We have a fear of missing out on something huge. 

Is our odd, little niche big enough?


I recently had lunch with a former teammate and active participant in Birmingham’s startup ecosystem. During our discussion he asked, “Do you think software companies can really be enduring?”

I’m not 100% sure of his perception that led him to ask the question. However, it does seem like a high percentage of software founders and CEOs are largely motivated by an exit and in many ways use that as the primary measuring stick of success for them and others. [READ MORE]